Ocean by The John Butler Trio

December of 2011 drunk on the couch at a new acquaintances home he mentioned there was this amazing 12 string guitar player that I had to hear. He played me the song, "Ocean" and I was hooked. The song ebbs and flows. It is soft and strong. It contradicts and flows along itself No matter how intense it got it always came back down into itself and stayed true to it's sweet melody.

It's an incredible and intense instrumental. Sounds goofy but if I had to describe myself to someone or explain, who I am, how I think, and feel I would just play this song.

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An interesting song. I've never come across one that I felt defined me.

It's good that you have. Music is special, and important, and the fact that you've made a connection with this is something to treasure.

Great Video!

That is very awesome that you found your soul song.
I'm still searching for mine.
I just listened to your soul song, it's so full of emotion and I like how it started slow and got super intense.

Thank you! Your story moved me so much I hope you don't mind that I plan to share it with others.

thanks fine. :)

Thank You for sharing. You stated you were with a friend and introduced to this player, was he kind and cordial?

He was a very nice man, taught me a lot about myself. For that I am grateful to him.

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