I Found My Soulmate When We Were Meant To Meet

     I never believed love was real, never mind soul mates. I believed that everyone was acting like love was something great and wonderful because it was what everyone had said and done forever and no one wanted to be the one to say it just wasn't so. I think I believed in love when I was younger, when I had no personal experience to dispute that it existed. I think I even believed in love until I had begun my first serious relationship.

     Although I was involved in a long-term, monogamous relationship for several years and said and did the "expected" things one does when they are in love, I never really FELT that the feelings I had were what others described. I didn't want him to be with someone else, I didn't want the relationship to end, but I didn't feel the amazing connection or attraction to him that others described. For me it was more a matter of what was expected one does as they become adults, more than anything else.

     When that relationship ended, there were others that were much the same as the first. I did what was expected, they did what was expected of them, but something always came about that brought an end to the relationship. Today, I know the reason I hadn't felt that "overwhelming connection" or "all encompassing love" in my relationships. I hadn't met the person that was a perfect fit with me, the other half that made me whole. Looking back, I see there was so much missing in my life before I met Scott, but at the time I didn't, or couldn't see that anything was lacking.

     I had come to a point in my life where I had decided that I wanted to be single for the rest of my life. I could take care of myself just fine and if it was just me I had to worry about and provide for, then I'd have a lot more than if I had to do everything for two. I'd have to please no one but myself, answer to no one for the things I did and could come and go where and when I wanted.

     Just when I had become comfortable being single and living only for myself, and at a time and place one would NEVER expect to find love, I met a man who was the mirror image of me, in male form! I don't mean that we look alike, we don't. What I mean is that I met someone that thought the same way I did, had the same sense of humor and way of looking at life. We were living in the same housing complex and one day in the rec room I asked him if he minded if I sat at the table he was at and drank a cup of coffee. From that very first moment, there has been a connection between he and I. From the very first moment we met, we have finished each others sentences, said the same things at the very same time - we even used some of the same "mispronounced" words, like 'flutterby" instead of "butterfly"!

     In the first few weeks after we met, when we were around other people they would invariably say things like, "You two know each other so well, you must have been together forever! or "I wish my partner and I were as close as the two of you!". We even had several people asked us if we were a comedy team and where we performed! We just "fit" each other perfectly and were completely comfortable with each other from the fist time we spoke.

     We met on October 25, 2001, and have been together literally since that very first conversation. We stayed up all night talking that first night and have been inseparable since. We have our disagreements, we are both human, but there has never been a thought of breaking up or life without the other. We have found that life is sweeter, easier and much more enjoyable with the other one in it. We both say that we are soul mates, that the reason our previous relationships weren't "all that" is because we were meant to be together and until we were, nothing else was going to be that perfect fit. I believe in love today, because he has shown me what to love and be loved is all about.
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Your story inspires me and am very touched by it. I too am in a very similar situation. Thanks for sharing!!!