I Found My Soulmate But I Was Already Married

I had been married for about a year... when I found my soulmate.. OMG I know it sounds so dumb.. so cliche...but for those of you who have found them you know there is no mistaking the moment that you do. I for one certainly didn't even believe in such a thing. I am an attractive woman and have never had trouble picking the boy I wanted and having him be receptive.. but when you meet your soulmate OMG..its amazing how everything goes out the window and you are inexplicably drawn to..comforted by and utterly smitten with someone in a moments notice.. just having them near soothes you beyond believe and everything just feels right,...because it is..

Had I not met him..I never in a million years imagine I ever would have considered polygamy.. but when you are already married and that person has done nothing wrong.. you cannot simply toss him because you met your soulmate..and once you meet your soulmate..being without them is excruciating.. I am not saying being near them.. I am saying not being in a relationship with them..

denying yourself your love and connection to them..its unbearable.. so I did what I had to do for me and he did what he had to do for us.
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The man I connected with has admitted that he and I are soul mates but he fails to make me a priority. I have known him since high school but it seems like an eternity. He runs away from me but calls on me when he needs emotional or spiritual help. Yes, we both married other people. I am in the process of a divorce and he is unhappily married but is staying to raise his children - oh and yes he does love is wife. I am at the point where I'm tired of making myself available to him. My question is how do I break this soul connection. I do not want to connect with him in any subsequent lives.

I didn't find him, he found me and showed me the way to open my eyes and heart to him to know him that he is not just some other guy, but a special guy who knows me for a very very long time, from past life.
Divine intervention also popping around me everywhere anywhere I go.
oh dear. this is just so overwhelming.

Oh dear lord. I thought I was the only person on the planet who has experienced this. I have been with my husband 6 years, married for 3 next week. Back in September, I met this other married guy and the second I saw him I felt this twinge in me. Within 5 minutes we both said we are married and unhappy. With in 5 days we were telling each other we loved each other.

When we finally got to have an away weekend together to see what the heck was there, I knew the second I saw him that he was my soulmate. When we had our first hug, we both stood there and cried. He looked into my eyes and told me that for the first time in his life he felt like he was "home". I too felt that same connection.

It has now been 3 weeks since we saw each other and I am in complete agony. I know it is all so fast, but I have already told my husband that I want to separate and he has told his wife the same. I thought maybe I was just infatuated and I thought that maybe this was just from all the newness of the relationship. That was until we started facing the wrath of what is to come with both of our spouses putting us through hell. Our friends tell us we are nuts and we need to snap back to reality, but the thing is...he is my reality.

The second we met we both felt like we had known each other our entire lives. It is so strange that it took me all of a couple of minutes to feel what I have to feel for my husband. I never believed in soulmates until now. They do exist and I thank God every day that he let me see mine.

Well let me put my two cents in on this. I don't know about the mystical reincarnation business but I do understand the out of nowhere attraction to someone. I've been married to a fine lady for almost 40 years and would not think of doing something stupid to hurt her. Then out of the blue this lady started working where I do. At first I didn't pay anymore attention to then I do any of the other people there. For some reason she insisted on speaking to me. Well said ok I'll speak to her and that will be that. When I did I had the strangest experence. I felt something that I could not understand. An attraction . I had this urge to be around her as much as possible, I could not wait to go to work so I could see her. In my mind this was nuts, I worked this and tryed to as discret as possible. I talked with both her and the wife about certain parts of this and thought everything was going fine . Then one day It all came unwound. The wife went spacecadet on me, this totally caught me off guard. The green eyed popped its ugly head up. This I have to say, If you plan on trying this soulmate thing with one other then your current other, be ready for it. No matter how well adjusted people say they are or how they except the situation that green eyed monster wil raise its ugly head sooner or later, just be ready. It is not a matter of if , rather when.

I have been with my husband since I was 15...24 years. We had a marital issue and I reconnected with a high school friend, and fell in love with him too. I am now married with a boyfriend. Though I would love to be married to them both, neither are receptive to this idea. I do not understand why not.

That is a beautiful story. Do both of the men in your life get along good? Do they experience jealousy from time to time?

Wow it must be so nice to be born a woman. And you can date people and they will want to be with you, either sexually or a relationship. I've been alone the past 5 years. It really sucks to be a guy.

Thats why I now have two husbands.

I so enjoyed your beautiful story! I did not believe in soul mates either until it happened to me and I was already in a relationship too lol- it is tough

Soulmate (or soul mate) is a term sometimes used to designate someone with whom one has a feeling of deep and natural affinity. A soul mate is someone with whom a person has shared other life times through reincarnation. The soul mate could be a friend, business partner, parent, child, sibling, spouse or other family member. These soul mates can be of the same or opposite sex. A related concept is that of the twin flame or twin soul – which is thought to be the ultimate soulmate, the one and only other half of one's soul, for which all souls are driven to find and join. However, not everyone who uses these terms intends them to carry such mystical connotations.A soulmate can understand and connect with you in every way and on every level, which bring a sense of peace, calmness and happiness when one around each other. It is not always easy explained. It is a meeting of mind, heart, body and soul on the highest of levels. A really deep connection that is hard to find.The souls are literally made and/or fated to be the mates of each other, or to play certain other important roles in each other's lives.God created androgynous souls, equally male and female. The souls split into separate genders later, perhaps because they incurred karma while playing around on the earth, or "separation from God".Over countless reincarnations, each half seeks the other. When all karmic debt is purged, the two will fuse back together and return to the ultimate

yeah.. we know were soulmate but we separated 5years ago even were still inlove.. i got married ,, and he too,, now we cant understand why theres still magnet that brings us back together,, we decided to have a secret forbidden extramarital love affair... life is full of fullfillment withthe only man i fall with..