I Found Him :)

I met him on a random night out to town. Me and a close friend just decided to go on a night out, and I'm so glad we did!! When we first met I didn't really feel attracted to him, he wasn't the usual type of guy I'd go for, and on this particular night this guy I was seeing was blanking me out and I was upset about it...I'm so glad he blanked me!!

After that night, everything just sort of happened. I added him on facebook and I was just hit with this HUGE attraction to him as I was going through his pictures. I asked for his number and arranged a date, without really thinking about it as if it was beyond my control somehow...like I was on auto pilot lol! In the past with people I was attracted to, I'd procrastinate for days and never do anything about it.

I am probably the worst person in the world to be in a relationship with. I've got alot of issues, which came to head at the beginning of our relationship and no matter how awful I acted towards him, he would stand by me and assure me that he loved me. He encouraged me to get help with my issues, and has been my rock through all my pain and hurt. I've always said he must really really love me if he could still love me and be with me after what I used to be like. It's because of him I am better now and I am happy. He has shown me what true happiness is.

I know we are both young, and we're not rushing into anything, but we know one day we will get married and we plan on spending our lives together. It's so strange how similar we are and how it seems like we can read each others minds. It's borderline creepy! lol! I've always believed in soulmates but never thought I'd find mine. I KNOW he's my soulmate, I just have this feeling that we're ment for each other. I had a few relationships before him, and they didn't even come close to how I feel about him! I can't even begin to explain how much I love him...he's just amazing :)

I hope everyone finds their soulmates! And don't rule out meeting her/him on a night out because it can happen :D

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3 Responses May 7, 2012

I'm sorry to hear that Nikki, really hope you can work things out or you find someone even more special!<br />
<br />
As they say, when you know, you know! :P

Me too; but it wasn't to be.

Sometimes, you just know - it happened to me too.