I Found What Others Die Trying To Find

Since my 25th birthday just passed, I've been looking thru my past and all my memory banks, reminiscing about all the good, and bad my life has had. Its funny how some things I was able to recall vividly are now just a hazy thought. Or things I had long since forgot about, might as well have happened earlier this morning. 

I am in a committed relationship with a man that I met 10 years ago. We think we met on AOL. But we had some mutual friends as well. So honestly your guess is as good as mine. In reality though, how we met will never matter. Our friendship hasnt been the most consistant one though. He went to Iraq, I got a bf, he got married. But we always seemed to float back into one another's life. 

He came to see me back in 2008. He was still married, I had just filed for divorce. Myself and my life were huge wrecks to be generous. But we made the best of that weekend. Though for both of us, the details are hazy. I'll always remember the feeling I felt when he told me he purchased his tickets 

After he went back home that weekend, we gently floated out of one another's lives for almost four years. And after catching up, it was the best thing for both of us. 

Now let's go back to November of 2011, I was home visiting and on fb to kill time my last night there. I had been wondering about him for awhile now. And sporadically throughout the years, so I looked his *** up. Scared to death I sent the friend request, let out my breath I had been holding and logged off fb. 

About a week later he accepted the request, so I sent him my number so that we could catch up. When he did call, it was pretty crazy for me. All these feelings and emotions came flooding back and all I could do was smile. 

I was planning a trip home that weekend so we made plans for the last day I was there. Man I was so scared and nervous I almost let myself flake out on him. Looking at my life now, I am extremely glad I didn't. 

We ended going up to his sisters house since she was out of town. We talked for awhile. Then he sat next to me and we spooned, then he kissed me. Now THAT brought back some memories. Making out for like 7 hours in his moms van. Oh to be 15 again lol. We ended up having sex in the nursery and it changed my future. 

I made a decision to fly up to his place for Christmas weekend. I fell in love all over again with the man of the boy I had loved for the past ten years. That weekend changed both of our lives and future plans. It's been almost five months and it feels like we've been together forever at times. It's not the fairy tale it sounds like, cause keeping a relationship together living 1500 miles away is stressful. But after the rocky month of march my baby is finally here with me. 

I've never been so satisfied with a lover ever. We've shared this special bond since the day we met and I honestly believe, despite the challenges that we face, we are soul mates. The feelings and emotions we share, most only ever get to dream about. This boy can turn me on my jus touching my skin. He can make me go from wanting to go on a murderous rampage to a serene place with jus his smile. 

The fact that I get to wake up cuddled in his arms, makes my heart sing. Our sex life, is on a level, 95 percent of couples can only wish for. We're nothing but open and honest with our needs and wants. We have the same fantasies for the most part. And want to fulfill them, not only for ourselves, but for one another. 

I know that we have a bumpy road ahead of us. That it's gonna take more work than we might want to give at times but I have faith we will overcome our troubles. We both have work to do on ourselves before we can work. But our love is worth the time and distance. If we never end up together forever, I will be able to be satisfied that I found my soulmate and got to share my all with him. 
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All the best for your future.