I Believe I Have Met Him .... 04/28/12


Ok Everything is kind of out of order so hopefully ya’ll can understand. :D






He thinks a lot like me that its not even funny. I'm just :O the whole time I'm with him. He is kind , nice has a wonderful heart. I've never met anyone like him. My son loves him. It's just oh so wonderful. I'm still :O . hahaha. Really? Like after all these years of pain and suffering its finally over? That's how a feel, he gives me a feeling of serenity. Like a burden was lifted off my shoulders. I feel closer to God' s love. Its just amazing....

How we met...

      My child needed a haircut badly because the following day was his b-day, this was on the 4/26/12. THat day I was just rushing I didn't even notice him. I was just fed up with men. My child got his haircut by his friend, I left the Barber Shop and that was it I didn't think much of it. On the 27th I decided to go to a Night Club with my girlfriend. We were really fed up with the whole clubbing thing. We went to this one club and left went to the second one and we were close to leaving too. I was just feeling down I didn't even want to dance with anybody, not my usual self.
     The friend who cut my child's hair was my girlfriend's friend, she's the reason I ended up at their barbershop. Well they were both there we got officially introduced. My friend and the guy who cut my child's hair got up and dance. I really didn't feel like dancing at all. So my Soul mate sat next to me and we started  talking. Simple conversation no interest in him whatsoever. Like I said I was fed up with men completely. So we started talking and just within minutes I was like :O . We just talked for hours forgot about everyone at the club , it was just him and I. 

    We wrapped it up said our goodbyes. he got my number and all. his phone got disconnected because he had gotten here from Puerto Rico on the 20th of April and was going to get another phone. We didn't have much contact just a talk here and there from his friend's cell phone he didn't like to use. 

   Ok well as I was leaving the club and got in the car, I started screaming like crazy!! hahaha my friend was like what is wrong with you?! I was like its' him its him!!! My other half !! the One that I'm suppose to be with. She just thought I was crazy. lol. Was so hilarious!! hahaha. 

   NOw , so back in December I got my cards read, I believe to a certain extent, Lady told that the Ex that was trying to get back in my life was with someone else , was true found out right away. She then pulled out a card that showed a guy who will travel and we will have a conversation and everything will start from there. I was just :O not then, but when I talked to my soul mate. He told me the Day he arrived. That Day I had a really weird feeling I wanted to cry I texted my friend I was like I want to cry and I don't know why I had this pressure in my heart I could not figure out what it was. I was just emotional. I only felt that feeling 15 years ago when a boyfriend of mine cheated on me. SO I just couldn't figure this one out. I called my sister to make sure my son was ok, he was.

    THe reason I remember the day was because I uploaded a video about a song that I was listening to while I felt that feeling. lol

    Any who. We've been seeing each other for about 3 weeks, we see each other every day. We haven’t had any arguments at all. Amazes me big time. OMG!!! I just hope this lasts for ever!!   

EDIT 12/28/2015

oh how wrong I was lol lesson learned.
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May 18, 2012