I Am Going To Get All Emotional Here.

When I was young I was different from the rest. I didn't try to impress. I felt I was the ugliest girl in my whole school. I yearned for someone to see me as no different from the rest. However as most tough chicks know, we sometimes have a harder time. I started to feel very lonely. I hardly felt love from anywhere. It made me feel like I had a demon living inside me. I use to listen to metallica's " Until It Sleeps'' as a young teen. As I became an older teen I use to curl up in a ball and cry. I was desperate for another. I spent most of those years taking care of my parents. When both had passed away I ended up in a mental hospital. I thought I am too broken for anyone so I gave up. Still having an achy heart. Then one day ( a girl I met in the hospital) my friend called me. She asked if I wanted to hang out with her and her friends. It was 6:45 in the morning. I usually ain't a morning person but I didn't yell this time. I went to the park and met up with her. That was when I met him. My mind went completly blank. That man later became my husband. So to all you broken hearted out there. Never give up.

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Never give up, that's the way to be, you never know.

That's right I never give up=)