Finding And Losing My Twin Flame

Hello, my name is Nick, and I have found my twin flame. We met last August, and there was an instant connection between the two of us. We met online, and we talked online everyday for a month, before we decided to meet in person. But even before we met, we knew there was a magical connection between us. We shared each others secrets, hopes, and dreams. We didn't judge each other, or anything like that. It was beyond the physical and we both knew it. As the days gone by, we met here and there, and we grew even closer to each other. The attraction was unbelievable, we couldn't keep our hands off each other. I never knew this kind of attraction was possible. We were so much in love, it was total bliss. We could feed off each other, know what the other was thinking, even before we did. There were so many moments when we could literally talk to each other in unison. So, as time went on, we continued our blissful relationship. But a few months later in April, she told me she was in love with an ex boyfriend, and just like that, she dumped me for him. I couldn't believe what had happened, I had lost my twin. It didn't make any sense to me. I tried over and over again to get her to listen to me, to come back to me, but she refused. I know now that she became the runner, and ran away from me, because our relationship was too intense. I kept trying to chase her, and became the chaser. It was so hard on me to lose her like that. I finally after 5 months of chasing her, decided to let her go, and see if she will come back. I keep praying and hoping she will come to her senses and return to me. I long for her touch again. It's been very painful for me, but I am working at it. The only thing that keeps me going is the fact that she could come back to me. I miss my twin so much it hurts everyday.
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Twin Flames, who run away from the relationship is because of the FEAR,
Fearing of rejection, she might ran away from you, but actually she is running away from herself, because she might not like some parts of herself that lead her to thinking, that you might discover these mis-perfections too and dump her, where she is fearing to get hurt as in past. Yet she knows this connection is very deep.

Also there might be a fear that it's a trick, because feeling unworthy for such blissful love. She might think it is so delusional and this love is not for real, because she just hasn't made peace with herself of actually being blessed and worthy of such love. That leads to...

Fear of being CONSUMED by you and the emotions, where her life has been turned upside down as yours. If she is truly your twin flame, then she's obsessing over you too, where there is this intense longing for you too just she is scared to face the truth and think negatively such as it was all pure fantasy, when she ended. She must didn't believe that true love exist, where she might just also haven't ended the deeds with the past karmic relationships. She needs to experience whole over again to end up with you, who she starts extra appreciating.

Give her time, because chasing in such case isn't going to work, because she'll run even further away. Where she should come to her senses that it was the most blissful day, when she met you her twin soul...

Wish you the best and you might never forget her, but time heals the pain. I am perfect example of that in my own personal twin flame connection. Now from the distance I receive and give love spiritually more than ever before. Though it hurt as hell, when I thought I lost him forever. Now I know, I never can't lose him, because he is always by my side spiritually and even this is such a blissful connection. Where I got a feeling he is not a runner anymore and we'll have our very own happy ending!

Many blessings to you!

I feel so sad for you. I see this was posted a while ago - have things changed since?