Reinvention of Who You Are.i

 With friends in a remote part of Botswana doing natural substances that we had done many times before, problem is this time I dont know what happened, during the experience i started to understand certain concepts that if every one knew or understood there would be no control or order in this reality, not only this but i remember two out comes of the same experience earlier on in the day on the way to the venue, the one that we called to the car (friends) ahead of us about his back wheel wobbling and he stopped and we switched some passengers around and continued, then the second memory that was induced during the experience where we didn't call ahead and the wheel came off and we all died, ending up in this beautiful paradise (which is in both memories and is called Rametsi) since that weekend i started being able to have out of body experiences just by wanting one, no preparation or practise at all, i started getting unbelievable amounts of coincidences, which i decided i had to investigate or i would end up going mad, so it started, my journey into sacred knowledge my life has gone from normal and ordinary to adventure and permanent change, only problem is that i dont know if im alive in the normal under standing of the word or dead, since everything seems to just fall into my lap as i desire and when i desire,  my research into all secretes and religeons and inner circles has now lead me to 2012, apparent world change or end depending, how do i know if its all bullshit and that im actually psychotic or that its all real and regardless if 2012 means the end of the world for every one it might just be for me? and those that share my sudden and premature awakening....   Im no hard to any one, infact i'm probably the opposite, all i try to do is help every one and it seems people even the most closed off have no problems with opening up to me even strangers....  but still im not sure if its a good thing or bad thing, theres no one that can help be and i know at least one other person who has the same similar problem/gift  but i want to see if there are others.

because of all this, i went from a student of management in South Africa and failure in all aspects (through my own faults) to an electro mechanical engineer in the UK working in the power industry, and the only reason i work at all and not go into the country side and live subsistivly is cause i have an over whelming urge to get to 3 different countries to learn specific knowledge unique to each, starting here in england, but im running out of time...

Requiem420 Requiem420
22-25, M
Aug 5, 2009