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I Found Nude Pictures of Me In My Sons Room!

I am the proud mother of 4 children. 2 boys and 2 girls. I am a homemaker and I was clearning up my 17 year old son's room when I moved his matress and discovered and envelope. In the envelope I discoved pictures of me..nude pictures. It is as if my son has been spying on my in the shower, the bathroom and my room. In some I was topless..some was of my butt and some was everything!

I am not sure what to do. I am pretty sexualy active but I have not had anything like this before where it dealt with my own son.

Any advice? Should just let it go? Should I confront him?

CharlotteMiller CharlotteMiller 41-45, F 52 Responses Jul 14, 2008

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Go and **** your son.enjoy

Although this is a OLD posting I wud of said if your both interested in being naked together or showing the other how you both are , I wud of said try showing him yours stuff ask him if he wud of LOVED to touch or even sucking and then you try touching him as well. Try to be ALONE & IN PRIVTE ! Then you can ask him about sex and see if he is interested .

i say u **** the **** out of him

I think you should ask him if he is really interested in your body if he would like to see it up close. I think it is healthy for your son to experience a woman 's body first from his mother if it excites him. Should you want to get more actively involved, make sure he I a equally interested. Sex with you might be fun for both of you.

If you confront him, think about how humiliated he will be confronted with the the fact that his mother knows that her son is ************ to her. I think that you should first take steps to protect your privacy better such as using a safe to lock up sensitive documents etc.

I know your privacy has been violated and you are freaked out because your son is ************ to his own mother but I want to assure you that this type of thing is common with young boys just discovering their sexuality, they will do things like spy on their sisters or mothers showering etc. but they eventually grow out of it once they get a girlfriend and finally discover how to appropriately channel this sexual energy which is new and mysterious to them.

You should talk to him about respecting your privacy in general without being too specific about the pictures. If you find that your son continues to constantly have issues in other areas of his life where he is being impulsive or having other behavioral problems or learning issues I would suggest you consult a counselor so he or she can guide you on how to address these things.

I had the same thing. I have one boy aged 17 at the time. I confronted him. Now I have a great sex life and he takes photos of me whenever he wants. Enjoy its great.

When I was 37 and my boy was 17 and at collage. I found photos of me in his bedroom from our holiday.
Now when I look back I think that it was all my fault that this happened.
I had a really good body and I was always told that I was very good looking. My husband always liked me to show my body off by wearing short skits, see though tops and G strings all my bikinis were very small and when wet, you could see everything. He fantasized about me having sex with other men.
I did not mind I like men looking at me and it would turn me on.
On holiday we would always hire a privet villa with swimming pool. If some over looked our pool I would walk around topless or nude, which would excite my husband knowing someone was watching me.
My son would never come out into the sun but stay inside all day, saying it was to hot for him.
This one holiday we where overlooked by a man in his mid 40s his wife had gone back to England for two weeks.
On our first day my husband saw him watching me, so he hid himself and watched the man watching me, I walked around and my husband gave me instructions on what to do and told me what the man was doing. Soon I was walking around nude and bending over, what a turn on.
I was bending over when the man shouted to me, I stood and saw him standing by our fence, I walked over to him and could see he was nude and what a **** he had about 9ins and it was rock hard.
We talked for a some time about nothing and all I did was look at his **** I asked him to come over for a drink that night at eight, he side he would.
I told my husband who got so excited he took me right then.
That afternoon my husband went up for a sleep, so I walked around by the swimming pool nude again, the man called me over and asked if I would join him for a drink, I side yes and went into his kitchen with him, both of us nude. I don't know what was side at this point but I found myself sucking his **** and being bent over the table and ****** by him, I have never known a man to come so much, he came twice in me and once in my mouth.
I went back to my husband and told him, that night I ****** both of them together. The the rest of our holiday the man ****** me when ever he wanted, I love anal sex and I found out that my husband did too. I would suck my husband and the man would **** him at the same time.
When we got back from holiday I found photos of me and the man in my sons room. That night I went into his room nude to confront him, I sat on his bed and before I could say anything he was feeling my ****, I bend down and sucked him I then let him **** me. I now have a great sex life, my husband as watched me **** with other men, he likes them to *** in me so he can lick it out and get ****** at the same time and my son ***** me every day. Up until now I have had sex with 10 men my husband has had twenty six men **** him. I love sex and next week I am going to have my first gang-bang, I will let you know all about it.

Yes, confront him in the nude with a dripping wet vagina.

Have sex with him he will stop.
Make sure you will be pregnant.

He wants to make love to mommy. It won't hurt anybody.

this post is over 5 years now , so he's must be +18 now.
I think most readers are very keen to know what have you done during past all these years.

You should go and talk to your son about his feeling for you. Talking to him will give you direction for what to do in future with him, have a happy life??

My age is now 74 years old. But I can remember back to the age of 12 -21. While working out in the fields. I had a full time erection. A few of the woman talked about wanting to take their tops off. But never did. This was in the early 50's. I do remember the first time I saw a nude woman. I could not take my eyes away from her. I always dreamed of seeing my mother nude. But never did. I do know it would have helped me.

I've found nude photos of my mom in my dads room when they were seperated. And when mom caught me ************ with her panties she had sat with me and talked about being good to your self and she asked if I had any other secrets I told her about the photos. She was ok with it. But after dad passed unexpectedly a year later she gave an envelope with some of her in lingerie. Not sure why but I didn't ask.

It is so normal for a boy. Not only is he hormonal but curious. Let him have his fun. I did it as a boy. Also nudity is normal in my house

Walk in to his room NAKED when he least expects it and say "GO ON, HERE'S YOUR OPPORTUNITY TO TAKE MY NAKED PICS WITH MY KNOWLEDGE" see his reaction.

Obviously you will shock him and tell him you know about them and they are to be given to you and destroyed.

He should never do it again.

Let us know how it goes.

you can just let him take your nude picture

Its much more common than people might think. I'm hetero but I get so aroused by my mother's big bras. I become erect when I touch them and wear them, and I would love to see my mom in her bras. I also want my mom to see me **********.

Let your son see you fully naked. It is all part of the learning process.

Please lett your son to have the sexy naked pics from you! It is very normal thing to do at his age, you can help your son showing him your naked body to him, and you can give him a very good sexual lesson about the female body and all his secrets! You have some fun doing this to your own son, please lett me now what happened? ;o)

just go with the flow if ur son wants u so give it to ur son give it a try

Pose for him

I think you're a little turned on by this situation

go for sex with ur son

It is a fact that a boy will fantasize about his mum and girl her dad at some point in his/her life so I wouldn't worry too much. Hope this helps

Don't worry about it,he loves you an fantasize about you as long if he doesn't act on it.

Let it go talk wit him ask why he takes pics of u n wat he thinks of u try ****** tell him u luv him n he can't tell any1

Does it bother you?

**** him

I would love to watch you have sex with him.