I Found Nude Pictures of Me In My Sons Room!

I am the proud mother of 4 children. 2 boys and 2 girls. I am a homemaker and I was clearning up my 17 year old son's room when I moved his matress and discovered and envelope. In the envelope I discoved pictures of me..nude pictures. It is as if my son has been spying on my in the shower, the bathroom and my room. In some I was topless..some was of my butt and some was everything!

I am not sure what to do. I am pretty sexualy active but I have not had anything like this before where it dealt with my own son.

Any advice? Should just let it go? Should I confront him?

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I had the same thing. I have one boy aged 17 at the time. I confronted him. Now I have a great sex life and he takes photos of me whenever he wants. Enjoy its great.

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Yes, confront him in the nude with a dripping wet vagina.

Have sex with him he will stop.
Make sure you will be pregnant.

He wants to make love to mommy. It won't hurt anybody.

this post is over 5 years now , so he's must be +18 now.
I think most readers are very keen to know what have you done during past all these years.

You should go and talk to your son about his feeling for you. Talking to him will give you direction for what to do in future with him, have a happy life??

My age is now 74 years old. But I can remember back to the age of 12 -21. While working out in the fields. I had a full time erection. A few of the woman talked about wanting to take their tops off. But never did. This was in the early 50's. I do remember the first time I saw a nude woman. I could not take my eyes away from her. I always dreamed of seeing my mother nude. But never did. I do know it would have helped me.

I've found nude photos of my mom in my dads room when they were seperated. And when mom caught me ************ with her panties she had sat with me and talked about being good to your self and she asked if I had any other secrets I told her about the photos. She was ok with it. But after dad passed unexpectedly a year later she gave an envelope with some of her in lingerie. Not sure why but I didn't ask.

It is so normal for a boy. Not only is he hormonal but curious. Let him have his fun. I did it as a boy. Also nudity is normal in my house

Walk in to his room NAKED when he least expects it and say "GO ON, HERE'S YOUR OPPORTUNITY TO TAKE MY NAKED PICS WITH MY KNOWLEDGE" see his reaction.

Obviously you will shock him and tell him you know about them and they are to be given to you and destroyed.

He should never do it again.

Let us know how it goes.

you can just let him take your nude picture

Its much more common than people might think. I'm hetero but I get so aroused by my mother's big bras. I become erect when I touch them and wear them, and I would love to see my mom in her bras. I also want my mom to see me **********.

Let your son see you fully naked. It is all part of the learning process.

Please lett your son to have the sexy naked pics from you! It is very normal thing to do at his age, you can help your son showing him your naked body to him, and you can give him a very good sexual lesson about the female body and all his secrets! You have some fun doing this to your own son, please lett me now what happened? ;o)

just go with the flow if ur son wants u so give it to ur son give it a try

Pose for him

I think you're a little turned on by this situation

go for sex with ur son

It is a fact that a boy will fantasize about his mum and girl her dad at some point in his/her life so I wouldn't worry too much. Hope this helps

Don't worry about it,he loves you an fantasize about you as long if he doesn't act on it.

Let it go talk wit him ask why he takes pics of u n wat he thinks of u try ****** tell him u luv him n he can't tell any1

Does it bother you?

**** him

I would love to watch you have sex with him.

heres what ya do just dress really sexy & walk around the house show some legs<br />
when ya seat down,, make sure hes inthe room then do some erotic tease's by runing ya hand up your leg from ankle to knee then slowly stand up & ask ya son what he thinks about your outfit<br />
then bend over in front of him pullig ya dress or skirt up showing some thighs<br />
then walk over to ya son & slowly kneal down in front of him & run yer hands up his leg <br />
& in your sexy voice say to him you like what im wearing....he'll say what ever then say to ya son well why dont you take a picture of me then.......& just stand up slowly walk away sexy like & his face will be soooooo red he be like damn mom found the pics......& then he'll beat off to your pics every night ........he took nude pics of ya so he seem ya already so why not just tease him give him somethig to really dream about at night & inthe shower.......

Let it go...

real thing is better then pics just sayin should let him experience it

This is disgusting, I cant believe there are so many people like this out there. Sort of terrifies me, actually...

chris I love you! you can help me a lot with my issue