Yes the X

Yep... long week and another ER visit. The X wasn't paying attention and the nephew got on the roof of the house and my teen followed. She fell off while trying to get down and landed on her feet then knees. Both knees have fluid on them, the left more than the right. She has pain in both legs from thigh to calf and is meeting with an ortho to see if she's torn anything. A brace and a bandage and crutches and lots of tears plus another very expensive trip to the hospital so I can pay for what he's broken... will I ever get ahead?

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Oh goodness I see handcuff's in someone's future... wait, that might not be a bad thing huh<br />
hubba hubba

No WAY, MSP! Better yet, let LOYD shoot the Ex! Get's everyone off clear! ;P


cuddle the teen, shoot the ex.

i want to say take his *** to court but that could backfire <br />
<br />
another thing i would do is give the teen a good smack in the head and ask them WTF werre they thinking they are old enough to know better!