7 Years Older Than Him Was a Big Problem

He also had ADD and he would literally ruin my life, my things. I tried many years just to ignore him and we would only talk to fight. I think at one point I thought I could never stand this person.

But finally when he hit his teen years, he started to really talk to me, serious conversations, and to confide me whenever he was in trouble. We still kinda hated each other, I would tell on him and viceversa, but sometimes we really helped each other when we needed it. I would sign school notes, I would ask him to cover me if I wanted to go out without my parents knowing where.

Just like 2 years ago I realized we would always be rude to each other, we still call each other names but I really love him and I am proud of him. And he really tries and shows me how much he really care. Last time I was home, we went out (he is 21 now) and all my friends commented on how nice he turned out, he is so popular with my older friends now he goes out with them as my substitute lol ... I am just so happy I have a brother I can count on. He rocks!

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2 Responses Feb 24, 2009

I'm happy for you as well :) I only hope you will stop calling each other names and start caring for each other a bit more openly. You think he's a good guy and so does your friends so I don't see a problem in that. Maybe it will get easier in time, but life is just too short to walk around calling each other names, especially when it's someone you love.

That's so cool! You sound so close. I hope my relationship with my brother turns out that way. There's 7 years between us too.