Septated Gallbladder Can Make a Person Sick

My   daughter has autism. She was dx at pre age 2 and is now 23.  She was dx about 4 yrs ago after being sick for years with other gi issues. no, not  celiac disease, although she was tested for that.  She still continued to be sick and it got worse when we began to eat more fatty foodsm due to budget issues. That is what set it off her vomiting  even worse. Even while she was in my stomache she had hiccups. This is an early warning sign. She was born with them and never seemed to want to eat any formula, which has more fat in it. She had colic a lot, which the autism researchers now know is an early sign of autism. The docs did not dx her current issue, septated gallbladder. I did.She had always been constipated then all of sudden b egan to vomit more, wnich she had done off and on since she was 6. They said gastrtitis and did a scope front and back. She then had loose stools. I went back to online medical sites like and related reliable gi health sites. I matched her symptoms and kept coming up with gallbladder. I finally  got a new dr, and who agreed to do an ultrasound. She had a septated gallbladder. They also had to perform a hidascan, like an ultrasound with contrast. She was awaked but calm with the help of valium. Which means she was born with a wall dividing here gallbladder, Her bile was backing up into the gallbladder and it was functioning at only about half of what it should be. She has what is called biliary sludge. She is now on a low to non fat die wtin no meats. So far so good. I am getting a second op.   I think all our kids with autism ought to be checked for this as many are now being dx with the same over acidic stomache. Go see the duoedenem and thier    gallbladder.

When she is feeling well she has no bad behaviors. When she is sick, and btw  she can talk but limitedly, she is also developmentally delayed,  and the docs did not take me seriously at first,  but when she is sick omg, like a psychotic monster. They wanted to but her on meds. No meds needed now minus prevacid. I write this to let the medical community and docs know. I have sent her story to the CDC and two top autism researchers.   The key to keeping the behaviors down in autism is treating the underlying medical issues.


Before you put your child on heavy duty meds for behaviors, please, please, please have a gi workup done. Your child may be sedated but it may be well worth it for the           better outcome.  i would rather change diet and be on prevacid then the other anti psychotic meds. They are far more dangerous.




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1 Response Feb 17, 2009

my 12 yr old grandson had 9 wks of severe pain in gut we think it has to do with gallbladder they did ctg scan and ultrasound and told us it isnt but we have gallbladder disease in our family so docs keep putting him on laxatives for impactions and now he is hurting him self and us when he is in pain. we live in southern il and can find no help. we believe if they removed his gallbladder his pain would stop. he also passed a peanut size stone in bowel movement. but because he is non-verbal they wont help him and its not fair he should have to suffer in pain.