My Dad Is Gay.

When I was born my parents we're still together. My dad left when I was two, and obviously I didn't know why. He moved out to live with other man. Sooner or later, I realized he was more then a "friend." When I was about 12 I got up enough courage to ask my mom if my dad was gay. She told me he has never directly told her, but yes he is. For a 12 year old this is a big shock. I handled it quite well though. My mom on the other hand is very againest gay rights and everything related to the homosexual community. She told me that I shouldn't tell friends in school because they would make fun of me and give her a bad "reputation." I'm 16 now and just recently I achieved enough courage to share with many people that I do have a dad who has a partner and is gay. They are amazed when I tell them that this past spring they got married in Washington DC. That day was seriously one of the days I will never forget because it felt so emotional and historical for me because my dad has been waiting so long to just have the same rights as everyone else. Although I am extremely close to my dad and my stepdad, and my moms whole family I do have some issues. I recently went to a camp retreat and I learned so much about jesus and how he sacrificed himself for everyone. I want to walk with and get closer to him, even though many say in the bible there are references with refer to homosexuality as "a sin." Personally, this subject has been stuck in my head since I left that retreat and I have decided that I am going to love my WHOLE family and jesus. I decided this because Jesis loves all. He loves me. He loves the gays. He loves everyone. So overall, I will forever and a day love my dad and his partner. I don't care if they're black, blue, purple, gay, straight, or whatever. I just want to spread the love and how it's okay to have gay family members in your life if you are or arn't gay. And how you have options with religion and all other aspects of your life. If you read all of this, I'm glad I could get through to someone. <333333333333
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the same thing is goin wid me also infact in my case m the step dad.........not yet but the person i love since last two and a half year is a dad of two kids and his family doesnt knw about our relationship...........somtime i feel so guilty by the thougt that m ruining those two kids many time i tried to avoid my boyfriend but unfortunately could not get sucess..........i really love that man and even cant think of my life to live without him and also dont want any harm to those kids..........nt able to find a solution....please suggest

its a feeling that cant be controlled. Sometimes even how many times you tried it, you cant control it and that is love and acceptance felt by both however the society dont allow it causing either both or one to have his own family and still continue to have a partner outside marriage to satisfy what the heart dictates and wants to.

I recently have told many of my friends. I get mixed reactions. I have realized that if my "real friends" can't accept that I have a gay dad, then they can't accept me. I don't want a friend who ends up not liking me ba<x>sed on my family's decisions because that's not fair to anyone. For my family, mostly everyone knows about it. My dad's side of the family is totally cool about it, but my mom's side doesn't bring it up. I know they don't agree with his lifestyle choice, but I think that if I don't bring it up, everything will end up fine in the end. In the end, I have to say, don't let your family member's decisions contradict how you are going to live your life. If you want to tell your friends, take the bull by the horns and let them know the real you. Or, if your not ready to admit it, that's fine aswell. No matter what you choose, I'm sure your dad will always love you <3

I agree, but I do have a question about how you deal with your friends and other family members. Do you keep it a secret? Or have you told friends? I am worried about telling some of my friends because I am not sure how they would react. I am afriad that they will not want to be around me or just be afraid to be the same around me.

I'm glad I could connect with someone in the same boat (: I think that in the end jesus will forgive you, if your willing to be forgiven. I think that if my dad was born gay, why would god make him that way? I think that god wouldn't intentionally make someone gay if it was considered "wrong" in his eyes. Although my dad was once with my mom I do believe he was confused because their relationship was on the rocks for awhile. I think that in the end that if homosexuality is really "a sin" then my dad will be forgiven because god made all of his children and he loves everyone single one of them equally. Whether you black, white, poor, rich, straight, gay god will always be there to surround you with love.

I have never really known anyone who has shared a similar story to me so this is really cool for me. When I was 2 my parents divorced for the same reason. At the age of 10, I found out my dad was gay. My mom told me after I continued to pester her until she told me. I had the feeling that they were hiding something from me all those years and I never liked being lied to I guess. I tried to forget about it though and not think about how he was. Then when I finally found Christ about 2 years ago, it was brought back up. I found out that the Bible says it's wrong and I believe the Bible. For this reason, I have been forced to figure out my stance and personal beliefs with the issue. I love my dad more than anything and he is great however, his lifestyle choice is sinful. That being said, it also states in the Bible that all sin is equal and therefore homosexuality is not different than lying or stealing. It is all forgiven if we are truly repentant. The problem then stands, is my father wanting to be forgiven and will he stop intentionally sinning? I love my dad no matter what and will never judge a person ba<x>sed on sexual orientation because we are called to love all God's creation, but being in this situation is tough. Figuring out where to place my heart and beliefs causes a lot of confusion.