My Dad Is Gay With The Guy Who Inappropriately Touched My Sister

when my parents got divorced a few years ago, my dad moved out to a flat. He ran a youth charity and so had lots of friends about aged 20ish. he often had a few over but they only stayed on the sofa and nothing ever happened. he began telling me and my sister, Abby, about this Chinese monk who he met at a monastry( he claimed he went there out of interest) . he would praise this man continuously for his hard life in China, how hard it was for him now, how kind he was and his cooking! Abby and I met him one day when he cooked us a meal at my dad's flat. from then on he would often stay the night just on the sofa which we were used to but still found weird. eventually the man, Noddy, moved in. so Mr and my sister had no choice but to accept hum. One day I noticed Noddy getting quite touchy with Abby when we were out shopping. I asked her about it that night. she was only 9 then so didn't notice anything but nevertheless asked my dad to tell him to stop. a few weeks later, Abby was sitting on the sofa with Noddy and my dad was in the room. he lifted up her night dress to ,"see what bottoms she was wearing" just to find her naked. I walked into the room disgusted to find my dad and him laughing. often, Noddy would touch her bum and despite Abby telling my dad 3 Times to stop, he didn't. Abby and I were seeing a councillor at the time and told her. she then informed social services and the police. After a 3month investigation, the outcome was that we were not allowed alone with Noddy. my dad never believed me or Abby and defended Noddy all along. this was painful and still is. 2years later, Noddy still lives with dad and I found condoms and lubricant in the room which they share. I confronted dad to find out that him and Noddy had been a couple for 2years and had been lying to me. for 3months now my sister has refused to see my dad and I feel sick every time my dad and Noddy are together. I try to accept it but I can't quite deal with my dad being gay with the man which split up my family
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Jan 20, 2013