I Like To Watch My Wife ******

Let me start by saying we are a very consevative (or at least we thought) couple we have been married for 15 years never had a affair and never cheated. As I read many couples have a fantasy about bringing a friend into the bedroom for some fun, one evening while Marie was very hot and really worked up I stared talking somewhat diry to her telling her she is a hot little **** and she should have two guys taking care of her she was all for this and the idea was getting her all worked up. She got on top of my deep penetrating tool and told me she wanted to ride some hot guys **** and showed me what she was goig to do to this new found guy this was some of the best sex we had she came three time grinding my **** as hard and deep as she could possibly take it, she let out a scream of passion so loud that the tennants in our apartment must have though someone was in pain!  The next day I mentioned this to her again and she laughed and said that it was never going to happen. (so she thought).


A year latter my wife and I were going at it really hot I was satisfying her **** with my tounge this really gets her worked into a sexual frenzie. I can do almost anything to her when she get this horny all  of her defenses are down and she is there for her pleasre.   This is were it get interesting the telephone ring and for some strange reason I decided to answer it, it was a close friend of mine who called to see if he could stop by and drop off a package that he had for me I told him 10 minutes would be fine i went back to the bed jumped in and started running my tounge deep into her mouth swirling my tounge with hers her nipples were hard and her ***** so swollen from the lashing I had just given her when she stopped and asked me who was on the phone I told her my freind was going to stop by there was a moment of silence and then she wispered NOW! I said yes in 10 minutes he would be here and said nothing more a moment latter she stoped kissing me and said WHY? At this point i worked my way down to her beutiful erect nipples they  were so hard I could tell she was aroused even more than I imagined. At this point I figuired that I was going to throe this one out there and said. her is coming over to **** you. She just smiled and blushed then silence at this point she laughed and said sure he is! I reached down with my hand and started to rub her **** it was so wet  easily slid three finger into her and she gasped arched her back and moaned with pleasure. I then said if he does come over are you going to show me how you want his ****. She was silent i then forced my three finger as deep into her wet ****  she let out a deep moan and said I wasnt his ****. I with drew my fingers, glistening with all her hot juices looked back at my lovely wife with her sultry eyes that had a gaze of lust  put on my sweat pants and headed towards the front door. It must have been abou five minutes untill I saw the headlights pull in the driveway. i opened the door and headed down to greet my buddy her got out of his car with the packege in his hand and a with big smile on his face exclaimed "did I inturupt something?". I told him we were in bed and having fun, he then said your a lucky man ( my wife is one fine piece of ***) I agreed and then said she is lying in bed horny as hell waiting for me to come back in and **** her. He smiled ear to ear, I said you want to come in and join us? He hesitated and said are you sure? I then said I would not throw something out there like this if I was not serious! He smiled knodded and followed me back to the house. We entered the bedroom were she was coverer by the bed sheets she looked nervous and I was not sure how this was going to go from here. i got undressed and motined my freind to move around to her side of the bed, I then pulled down the blakets to expose her B cup breasts with her nipples erect . At this point I new she ws going to warm up as she was still horny as hell. I spread her legs and started licking her **** with my warm wet tounge she started to moan she opened her eyes and my buddy was squeezing his **** through his pant in disbelief of how hot my wife looked with her swolled **** being worked by my tounge. She reached up and grabbed his **** and started squeezing it untill there was no more room in his trousers  for his swelling **** she unzipped his pants and let his **** free and took it deep into her throat moaning as she pushed it down as far as she could, she stared picking up the rythm as I licked her faster and faster her hips rose and she let out a deep moan and her juices  flowed onto my tounge and I licked her till her hips feel deep onto mattress trying to escape the lashing my tounge had unleashed on her. I looked over at my buddy his **** was fully erect and wet from her mouth,I said would you like to **** my **** wife? He smiled and moved ontop of her. I started to suck her nipples as he positioned himself over her I could tell she was getting nervious at this point the ****** that left her lifeless was wayning away and she was coming to her senses, she started to say " I not su-ooo" as his 10" **** slid in her ***** with very little resistance. she let out cry  "Oh God" He was now deep into her glideing slowly and meticulously in and out of her ***** that is filled with the juice from her ******. He picked up the pace and she has now recovered from first ****** and I can see in her eyes she wants her second to follow. She let him **** her, thrusting his tool as hard and fast as he could into her,  I am lying next to her squeezing her nipples and sucking hard on them they were red and very hard, she wispered to me can I ride his **** I said what ever you want were her to make you ******. My buddy was sweating from the workout her gave her ***** he laid on his back with his hard pole and watched as my wife straddled him into position and slide down on his **** as lrge as it was it easily dissapeared into the depths of her. She put both her hands on his chest and started to ride him she started with a slow steady pace and worked up to ******* him like I have never seen her take a **** before she was moaning and grinding her hips on his **** at a wild pace she started to moan and convulse she could not keep her rythm going that fast as she started to ******. I then told her to get on the edge of the bed doggig style and let my buddy **** your hot ***** . She did with no resistance and almost looked as if she wanted to beg for his **** to bury itself deep into her womb.
 I positioned my self infromt of her at this point my **** had been leaking *** from the head and as her mouth open to receive it she said I tasted as if I like what I saw. My buddy now stared to drill Marie with his large **** he ****** her like she was some little **** driving his hips against her soft *** with his **** glistening wet with all her juices. All this hard pumping started to bring her back up to a climax (I could tell because at this point she started talking dirty something she doen't do that often) she was telling him to **** her harder she was a **** and needed hard ****) This seemed to work my friend up and her started pumping her with the pace for a race horse in the homestrech, he starede to grunt and this turned her on and she matched his grunt with load moans almost muffled screams (let me tell you she is downing my **** with every pump he gave her and all of her maoning was making my **** get stiffer and stiffer she finally dropped her arms and fell to the bed her *** still in up in the air taking the fiercy ******* from my bud he pulled out she fell to the mattress her mouth open to accept all the *** we could offer her we shot hot load after hot load into her mouth she then sucked us both dry with a smile. My conservative wife opened her shell and showed me what she is really capable of. I love her now more that ever before. i am looking to do this more often.

foronegoodtime foronegoodtime
41-45, M
Feb 11, 2010