I Found Out My Husband Has Another Son What Should I Do?

Last week I took my husband to the hospital because he was having this attacks at night. I was with him all the time didn't want to leave him alone one single second and there is where he realized he truly loved me with all his heart and wanted to marry me with a priest. The next day he asked me if I wanted to marry him and of course I said yes, but he also had something very important he had to tell me before I could except him he confese to me he had another son with some other women in the past before he got with me and that he wanted me to forgive him. I totally lost it I could not except him having childrent with some one else that wasent me. We both have a daughter and a son together and I felt betrade with his confesion, he has never met this kid but he said the kid wants to meet him and I don't want him to because he is not even sure it's his. That girl he met like six years ago was a hoe back then so it could be anybodys son. What should I do divorce him and never see him again, make my self like nothing happend or take the kid to get a DNA test to make sure? Please somebody help me and thank you for your time.   
angeliquilla angeliquilla
22-25, F
Aug 13, 2010