Never Thought About Her Either

Well after I found out about my neighbors wife I found out through another friend that my closest friend daughter has been going around telling people in her high school that she is in love with me. And she has been for a long time. She doesn't understand why I don't say anything more to her. I may have only said hi and whats up  but thats about it.

I'm flattered but she is too young and besides she my best friends daughter that could never happen.... now if she was older or if I was younger thats a different story all together..where did I put that time machine :=)

freeflowing freeflowing
26-30, M
2 Responses Mar 1, 2009

tell me about what the heck am i so supposed to do with this? if it wasn't for this freakish luck I would probably would have none..

Ok freeflowing - you have the 'feakiest' kind of luck I would have to say!! I have read your stories and Yeah - this sounds so much like Lolita to me - stay away from her. BAD NEWS. <br />
Yeah - the time machine --- if I could go back and ***** slap myself when I was 18 -- hell yeah. :)