Not Anymore, I Don't Think So...

...but yesterday I talked to the aunt of the guy who told me he had a crush on me, and it made me think of him for a quick second.

He lived next door to me (if you don't count the elevators that were in between the doors to each of our dorm rooms).  I noticed he got a little bright eyed when he'd see me on campus or around the dorm bulding, which I thought was cute :P  One day he just stopped by my dorm room when I had my door open, and he asked me if we could talk.  He told me he liked me.  I said I wasn't attracted.  He looked a little hurt, but in the end he was cool with it and we stayed friends.

Then like, 2 years later I started working as an intern for an organization where my boss was his aunt. 


Ooooooh scandalous!


Not really :P

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My next door neighbor likes me an hates me it's weird when I moved here he locked me in a closet an tryed to shoot me with a gun

I know...I probably did hurt him. But I'm not going to start anything with anybody if I'm not interested. <br />
<br />
He was okay though, and everything was cool. He didn't start hating me after that or anything...he and his aunt even invited me to his college graduation party to celebrate it with their family.

aww...well you can't please everyone :P


hahaha lots of people don't

Of course he had a crush on you. Who didn't?...DD