So Ive Heard The Army Is Kinda Diffuclt About The Dates And Leaves For Their Fellow Soldiers

but they had to move my soldiers leave up until 2 months from now instead of 4 months from now and im extremly excited about it... I cant wait to see him i Know its only been 3months since hes been gone and i know that alot of women go years without seeing the soldier they are waiting for but i am extremly grateful to be able to be seeing him in 2 months... yeah i cant quit talking about it... :)....831 Spc.Atkins

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yeah congradulations ... gurl i'll count down with you...:)

yeah me and him have been best friends for over 6 years we dated for about 18months in high school and before he left that summer for basic and ait he was like if we find ourself back in eachothers arms on down the road then we know that its meant to be... we split up when he left so we could find ourself bc we were so young but we are back together now after 6 years and ive never seen myself as happy as i am with him. Even though he is gone most of the time i know what we have is real and so for real, its kinda scary at times but its the most amazing feeling ive ever known. Im one of the most luckiest women on god's green earth, and i wouldnt trade him for anything. I believe with every bit of my heart that we will make it thru the ups and downs we have a saying .... its the downs that make the ups even more remarkable... i know yall have heard the old saying that things fall apart so something better can some along... and we fell apart so we could learn more about ourselves and believe in our self and our relationship to make it thru this difficult time in our life now, not that kuwait is a horrible place to be it could be worse he could be in afganistan but hey.. we are still not in eachothers arms eachnight though just knowing im in his thoughts and he's in mine and our love is stronger than anything ive ever known possible we make it... keep the comments and things coming...

My boyfriend is a former marine...and contractor. He finally came home for good in 2008 - we didnt start dating until after that but we have been friends for years. He wants to go back...I suppose since I have been there and done that it is easier for me to support him if he does want to go. If you can make it through this...your relationship will be the stronger for it! Tell your soldier I said "keep your head down" and good luck to you two!

yeah he was going to have to go til july (my bday) and he was gonna be home for it but he got to change it which is jut fine and dandy with me lol the sooner the better but then it may be jan, of 2011 before he come home for good but were just going one day at at time and going from how all that goes... we get to talk on the phone now but he is wanting to go to afganistan when he gets back bc his unit is voluntarially getting to go... and ive got a friend thats marine is there and she doesnt get to talk to him over the phone any... but letters and any kinda of contact will keep us going strong...ARMY STRONG... i know it takes alot out of you to be a soldier but with some support anything is possible and having someone wait on you for so long you know its the most prize position for a soldier.... to say yeah i know what i have is worth fighting for....and she's/he's why i am here.... he got ill at me the other night bc i was awake wanting to contact him and hear his voice b4 i went to bed... it was like 3 in the morning but he said i love the thought of u waiting up to call me and talk but im here going without sleep so you can sleep soundly.. so get you butt in bed... lol thats just how he is lol its crazy...

I am glad you get to see your soldier sooner than anticipated...i waited 9 months into my deployment to come home on leave and while that was a long time on the front end, when I went back to Iraq, I only had a few months left until I was home for good and I have to tell made those last few months easy, breezy. L)