My Ex-wife Is A Lesbian

My ex-wife, Renia, was a friend of my parents and 17 years my senior, 10 years ago she and I went on vacation together where she took my virginity. We became lovers ever since and during our relationship we had two daughters and recently a son. Renia however was mostly bisexual and while we were simple lovers she was having relationships with women with whom she let me engage together in **********. As the years passed however and our relationship became more mature, i asked her to marry me two years ago, but first we promised each other that we would not cheat ever again. The truth is however that i was only one of the few men Renia had ever been with, otherwise she was exclusively lesbian, and she was once in a lesbian relationship with my aunt while in high-school. Our marriage couldn't be happier, but as our first year of marriage had passed i noticed that she had her mind elsewhere. She rarely had sex with me anymore. I also noticed that she would always talk with my lesbian cousin and god-sister Vicky and you could tell they were exchanging looks of love. I didn't pay much importance at first, but one day my best-friend called and said he saw Renia and Vicky kissing outside a shop. My fears were then revealed, i decided to find out whether they were indeed lovers or not, and so i said Renia i was leaving to Ioannina for three days. I faked my voyage and hid outside a corner near my house and then when it was afternoon i saw Vicky getting in. I waited for a couple of minutes and then i got in silently on the tip of my toes so that they wouldn't understand me. And then i listened to moans coming from our bedroom, i went silently and was shocked from what i saw. Renia and Vicky were naked and kissing passionately on the mouth. They were making passionate sex by rubbing their vaginas and licking their breasts. I wanted to get in there violently and start punching them !!! So wild was my fury ! I was patient however and i enjoyed the spectacle. Then they climaxed and it was then that i got in. They were shocked to see me and that was the start of a heated argument. Renia was trying to explain me but i wouldn't listen. She said she had realized that she's a lesbian, she doesn't love me anymore and that she's in love with Vicky. I got even more furious, i insulted Vicky who was hiding her face out of shame and warned Renia that we would get a divorce and that i would inform Vicky's wife Sophia about this, and the fact that Vicky and I had sex one day before their marriage. And so Renia and I ended a relationship of 10 long passionate years our divorce was finalized two months ago and she married Vicky. As for me, i married an old flame of mine, Vicky's sister, Eirini.
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Sorry just noticed your divorce. Feel for you.

So hot and sexy. Could you beg her to let you stay with her as she enters a lesbian relationship you said started in your story?

luckiest. man.ever

Anytime u want to talk about something talk to me and I give u avise

That right she was not for you in the first place