They Were Saying I Was A Sexual Deviant And Had Hiv 20 Years Ago

back 20 years ago someone is going around saying I had HIV and was a lezo and pedo and a prostitute

its affected my life so badly

in 1997 I had a nervous breakdown and just cried and cried and cried for years

that they had been saying all these things

its ruined my life .... they were in a gang going around making all these lies so people would not like me

I thought it had died down in 1999 but the film group resurged the gossip flame

Joyce would not let me talk about all these things and the child sexual abuse

she passed it off as all a giggle ... and just obey her and leave home

and that was not gonna help the liars stop ....

Joyce refused to see my issues were real ... they were all fantasy to her or excuses

I just wish I knew who started it ....

the lies may have been from ron and roslyn or joyce herself and bugsy...

or someone else.... who had a vendetta against me....

all the hate mail came and weird calls to the house ....

I just wish I knew why they have done this to me.
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someone also made out that I was gonna met them and then deliberately made it look like a stood this guy up ... I just wish I knew who would do that to me ... <br />
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my sister? karen? joyce? or my older cousins... ???? <br />
<br />
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