Truth Behind Avatars

While looking through cool avatars on the net, I accidentally bumped into The Truth Behind Avatars!

EXAMPLE                 THEY ARE        TRUTH
                        Artistic             (Has acne)

Anime                       Eccentric          (Programmer)

Holding a Beer         Laid Back        (Always with Beer)

Closely cropped       Mysterious       (Fat)

Dude jamming        In popular band   (Unemployed)

Close-up of breasts  Sexy, naughty   (Obese)

Facing down           Eccentric           (Unattractive)

Dark, brooding        Doesn't care        (Dangerous pirate)

Cartoon                  Playful, fun           (Immature, overweight)

Guy with beard      Sits on couch        (Sits on couch
sitting on couch      a lot, has beard     has beard)
has a beard 

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3 Responses Aug 5, 2010

lol... sooo what does my avatar say about me...huh?

LOL, I am eccentric...not a programmer but a web designer. Close enough I guess.

The truth according to whom?