What?!! Where?!?!

You can't be serious!  I know that AB Universe has the closest thing, but Pampers?!?!  Really?!?!

SDToddler SDToddler 22-25, M 25 Responses Mar 9, 2010

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It is the Pull-Ups not the Diapers!!
Pampers does not make Diapers past Size 7. The Pull-ups are pretty big and Comfy too!'

But now there are adult diaper companies that are making disposable diapers that are exactly like Pampers. It's amazing!

I know right!

I've kinda always liked Bambino's diapers better, they seems to hold up better in my opinion. If Pampers and Huggies decided to make "big-baby" diapers, they would be super rich, I'd buy from them!

So would I. I would have my toddler room stocked with them.

Curse you pampers! WHY YOU KNOW MAKE BIG BABY DIAPERS! *eyes water*

Shakes his fist at the Baby-diaper makers wishing they would just make them bigger.

Awwww....thanks for saying that. Cute is good.

Same here!!! I can't wait!!

I have some of these and they are good. Waiting for the fabine diapers to arrive

That's great to hear. How do you like the design and the absorbency?

Well i finally got them! First time in diapers in years, and i have to say its an exhilarating feeling.

It was about 4-5 days I think.

How long did it take for the package to be delivered?

The absorbency is great. I can wear one for 8-12 hours. And no, they never try to contact you.

So they dont mail coupons and flyers to you? Also how is the absorbency?

No they don't. They are a completely confidential business and respect your privacy. I have ordered from them multiple times.

Do they send spam mail after you order some?

I'm sorry to hear that. These diapers are amazing. Although, I'm with you. There is nothing like a good thick cloth diaper, especially at night to keep you from leaking.

Yup what a great site and products. One drawback... shipping to UK will be prohibitive!! Shame we can't get these here (can't even buy Pampers 7, and Pampers 6 are often overlooked). Even though I wear cloth 99.9% of the time I would love to have these as disposables when I need them!

PampersGirl3 Thank You I joined there web site and look forward 2 trying some of there products !!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks Again Joie B. from S.E.Pa. USA !!!

If this is true I'm getting some! I remember my first pair of Pampers fondly. They are one of my favorites.

This will be useful later on.

Wow! Pampers! I wan sum!

do they leak after 2 #1s?<br />
They hold about the same as the Molicare Super-Plus (NO) For me they hold 5-6 Wet’s but I have a small fr<x>ame so you may not get the same results as I do. I believe they can hold up to 70oz of pee before leaking.<br />
<br />
and where do you get them?<br /> <br />
<br />
and wut kinde of prints do they got<br />
The diapers look Identical to the Icon for this group. <br />
They also have the option to add the classic pampers diaper scent.

do they leak after 2 #1s?<br />
and where do you get them?<br />
and wut kinde of prints do they got

Yeah!! I got some of those. They are great!!