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Found Nude Pics Of My Wife

I was surfing the net one night, after my wife was in bed, looking for some nice pics to view. I started chatting with a guy in the next town over from us who liked to look at mature women, He asked if I had any nude pics of my wife and I told him no she would never let me take any of her. He said he had been dating a woman in my town for about a year and asked if I wanted to see her, he said she was really hot and loved to show off her body. I said sure! He said great he thought it would be hot if I would happen to see her around town, but if I did please don't approach her because she was married. I said ok no problem I thought it would be hot to to see someone that you had seen nude pictures of.

To my surprise, the first pic came through and it was my wife! Who would never let me take nude pictures of her, but there she was standing there completely naked and as he kept sending pics they got more and more explicit. I won't go into detail but the last one showed him entering her from behind, He said one of the other guys that was there that night took it!

I was floored and really confused

rickie62 rickie62 61-65, M 6 Responses Jan 18, 2012

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hope you can work it out.

Sorry for your shock but if you are still in love with your wife then maybe you guys should consider swinging. No one has to cheat and all can be involved and it is less risky than some of her activities. Hope it works out.

I LIKE it!

My hubby doesnt know about my photos that I have posted. Hope he never finds them

You never know who going to see them What would you do if he does?

plead insanity.....

ahhhh...... the secrets behind the eyes of a woman. you never know. are you handling it ok?

I'm Ok better now I'm still talking to him he doesn't know she's my wife

Wow thats hot what did you do?

Still working that out, I'll let you know

how did she take it? Good to hear from you again!