Gemma :) And Why I Love Her..

Today I was surfing through my computor looking for this picture of me and one of my friends Eva, and since Pasc takes all the pictures at nearly every gathering I thought that I would look through my emails to see if she had emailed it to me. And I kept going back and back through time..and I started find ones from my ex. They were so amazing, I forgot how much we lived for each other...and in one email she had typed out these lyrics for this song that reminded her of us. So I started singing it and bit by bit the tears started to flow. I need that girl..shes still my everything. And I can't belive that life panned out like this.


Flairity Flairity
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1 Response Nov 9, 2006

I know how it is......I kept the love notes from my exboyfriend and when I read through it, I was sad too