I Miss Him Still

I've moved on from him but not by choice, I was sort of forced out of his life.  I found old letters from him just telling me how much he loves me.  Now I'm with another man who I dearly love but I found ,y ex again and I still love him.  Anyways, I saw how much he used to care about me and I missed that.  I love him still and I cry all the time for him still.
MetsukiKanashii MetsukiKanashii
18-21, F
1 Response Mar 9, 2007

I feel you completely, there's a love there for you ex that is always there in your heart, reminding you of what could have been its haunting and painful to think how someone could care so much, then just change everything, and your still in love with they person they were, and desperately clinging to the words they used to speak.