Good Grief.

I have a MySpace. My friends got me into it. And I started dating this guy and I remember he would constantly send me those "I love you baby" message type things. And well, one day, about two months later, I was on the MySpace when I went to my saved messages, and suddenly I see a message titled I love you. I opened it and it was so sweet and I just started to cry like crazy. The thing is that doesn't make much sence, is that we didn't exactly break up. It was more like a jealous friend came to me and said It's over like a normal little kid would do. And then the kid went to my boyfriend and said "She says it's over." So, it hurt even more to think about it. But now it's been long enough, and I have a new "boyfriend", so it doesn't hurt as much as it did at first.
debbiianii debbiianii
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1 Response Mar 15, 2007

I kind of had the same thing happen. Last week, I was deleting old messages, and found one that he had written to me THE DAY BEFORE he walked away from me and never looked back. However, we are friends now, and yes, I am with someone now, but we still talk.