It Had Only Been a Month...

...since my boyfriend broke up with me via email.  Well, according to him, we'd broken up before that, but we talked it out and I THOUGHT we'd decided to stay together.  But I went home one weekend and there it was - "I'm sorry, but I can't do this anymore.  I think you should move out, at least for right now.  I feel like I am going backwards..."  He WHAT?  But how... but WHY?  And I read that again and it hurt like hell.  I remembered how painful that phone call was after I received the email and how quiet he was... and then I told him I'd come pick up my things the next day.  And I did.  And, wow.  He just stood there in his... our... kitchen, with his sunglasses on.  I ran in and out of the apartment with all my stuff in the black plastic bags he put it in... I went back inside, handed him my set of keys, and said "I hope to never talk to you again."  And left.

And that ONE email... those three lines or so... brought ALL of those emotions back.  That's when I decided to delete it.  It was hard, but I didn't want to risk feeling like that again later on...

I don't know, it's amazing what a few words sent electronically can do to you... especially when they're from the one person who meant the world to you.

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3 Responses May 10, 2007

absolutely agree with the desirforlyfe and little9lulu<br />
<br />
he doesn't deserve your sadness, even if it's hard to say to one self that its over, <br />
<br />
stay positive, it's not the one.

what kind of "man" breaks up with someone on the internet. i'm sorry for your pain dear..but not for your loss because from the sounds of it you will be better.

you have give yourself time to's ok to hate him for a'll get u through it....****... it can be healing sometimes...and then eventually you'll see more clearly and move on... good luck hun.