Still Vivid Memories

I found some e-mails from May from my ex-boyfriend, which I still love and I thought what great friends we were and how much we did for each other and wondered how come it ended with him avoiding me and ignoring me. I still like looking at the sky and think about what we talked and try to smile and hold my tears, remembering us.
While I read those e-mails I laughed, I cried, I felt all those things again, also noticed my mistakes, and realised how much I love him. I never told him that I consider him my first true love and I regret it, because despite that we decided to remain friends he isn't nice to me anymore even if I try to be nice and funny.
whatsername whatsername
22-25, F
1 Response Aug 20, 2007

Stay strong girl! You'll soon find someone else to be happy about :D