Suicide Is Ugly

I found someone dead.  i was worried when i hadnt heard from him.  kept calling and calling.  went round, no answer.  went round again.  peeped thru the window.  he was dead on the floor.  cottled shade of purple.


it was really awful.  i feel i should have done something sooner.  i should have known, but he had seemed so cheerful, despite telling me a few things which i should have suspected.


worst part:  i was the last one he tried to contact.  he laid his body down where i could find it.


b4 u suicide, think of who will have to find ur body and tell yr family and friends.


i've spent hundreds of dollars on grief councelling.  i cant function at work.


think abt other people.

pinky34 pinky34
Feb 15, 2009