Something Unidentifiable Between Us...

Have you ever met someone under one context and slowly experienced your interactions shift into another mode? Meet for sex. It's straight forward, honest, no lies, no expectations. Hmmm... what are these synchronicities that keep happening? Meet a few more times for some casual interactions. Something shifts. There's a reason we've met, but it's not yet palpable. We meet again and the interactions are different, reserved, but still, there's something there. Not on a sexual level, nor on the heart level, but more on the spiritual level. A year later, we meet again. Nothing sexual, but the connection is still drawing on us. I realize that a shift happens in my life every time after we meet. I come to understand he is both my muse and my catalyst for change. Whether he is more, perhaps a teacher, maybe a connection that unexpectedly lingers subconsciously, I cannot say. What I know is that I found someone amazing when I wasn't looking and regardless of where it goes or if it continues, it has been sweet to experience and good for my soul.
mierje mierje
41-45, F
1 Response Jul 17, 2010

I never have any expectation regarding a relationship at any level, first impressions are rarely correct, I react as I find, and if I am ever disappointed then it was never meant to be.