My True Love

I believe I truly have found that person in my husband Kelly who accepts me for me takes for who I am not for who he thinks I should be be or who he wants me to be, but for all my good, bad, imperfections everything. I finally have someone who loves me for me. I waited a long time to find someone like that and I believe all the people that I went through lead me to him , I am truly glad that I did not meet him earlier in my life because I would not have been ready for him in my life he came at the perfect time when I was ready for him. He completes me we are the different sides of the same coin and the fact that I can go to sleep beside him and wake up beside him is a blessing in itself. I know that I have found my soul mate; I am truly fournate.

knattyk knattyk
36-40, F
Feb 9, 2010