You Rub My G-spot As You Lick Me To Explode

Jane is friendly with both John and Jacob. John a youngster is about 26 and Jacob above 60 and Jane in her mid-thirties.
Jane enjoys her sexual encounters with both John and Jacob and with John less often as he lives far. Jacob is kind hearted and loving where as John is rugged and strong as a practicing technician with a rough voice.
Jacob recently enjoyed sex with Jane and what Jane enjoys most is a relaxed ambience where both have drinks, her favorite fish and chips and ice cream and exchange stories of their past experiences of sexual encounters. This time the conversations started with a game where Jacob showed a power point presentation where a variety of male organs were shown to Jane and Jane to say which of those pictures are that of Jacob’s tool and most of those chosen by Jane were correct for which Jacob gifted her with a bouquet of flowers and a packet full of chocolates.
Jacob and Jane moved closer on the sofa and commenced their session with kisses and tender soft touches on her body and a kiss specially planted on Jane’s naval. As the clothes got removed one by one and thrown all over their drawing room, heat was on for them to move on to the bed.
Jacob’s initiation itself is very passionate when he indulges in a tongue in mouth kiss followed with a lot of juice making tinkling twitches on her inner thighs. He cuddles her all over when he gives her hot and smooth boobs a lovely caress and a softened kiss and a long su ck, she enjoys the way Jacob treats her body and how he manage to provide the requisite temperament to move on as Jacob moves down in between her thighs.
Jacobs positioning is great to note. He is nude and he has a special shave to clean and smooth his face and a mint flavored tooth paste to make him spicy at the lower portion of tender flesh owned by Jane for him to see, take over. Jane knows how much Jacob does to ensure that as he rubs her down there, smoothness is what it means to her as she climbs up on her phase of sexual pleasure. The mint spreads in between her thighs and air flow reaches her nostrils to intoxicate her more.
How Jacob does is more important – he just keeps his whole mouth on the already wet ***** of Jane and whispers to her “Are you ready” and move his hands up to hold her boobs. She gets into screams as he moves up to make sure the wetness from down is shifted and pasted on her lips as he gives her the last warm kiss with his tongue in her mouth.
He then lower his body, relax and keep his head above and takes dips into her vulva that is really wet with his tip of the tongue and impress her with tongue **** in a smooth way – she wriggles and hold his hair and head closer to her vulva, and he make sure his weight does not in any way fall on the soft petals of flesh of hers that is pink. She giggles and turns with her thighs rounding his body. He kissed and licked her outer lips smoothly as she enjoys his movements in a slow pattern. She is unaware then how much more of pleasure is in balance for their encounter that generally lasts more than 30 – 35 minutes when she explodes and shouts with pain+pleasure cycles of joy as she reach her org asm.
He slowly moves his head down and does not reach any close with his head, but his lips rolls over the inner cavity of her *****, and explore the depth by dipping his swollen tongue in a hungry mode of thirst quenching with the already flowing juices that flow freely in to his mouth. He enjoys and takes all that in.
He then finds her best soft tender part slowly by overhauling his tongue around the web of tissues and under the hood of the top portion of her *****. When he does that she always feel that he is finding her asset for the first time in a new search!
Once he grabs her c l it, he do not leave the place, but keeps probing making her wet more and more as she holds him and at times pinch him on his back. She also have a habit of holding his palm and make compressions while she hold his palm and he squeeze her palm in turn. Both hands in the beginning and it changes gear, as he has his right hand reserved for further probing her G-Spot.
He inserts with his mid finger that he wets with his own saliva and slowly move in to her pu ssy. At times he has another way at this juncture – he licks her *** till she gets and or near an or=gasm. She was asked this tome and Jacob got a firm YES as he asked “do I go around your ***?” He knew the reason as she gets very horny as he did that earlier. She pull his head into her fold and monitors that he breathes but keep placing his tongue around her *** till she says “hahahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhha”
It is then Jacob inserts his little finger in to her *** and the mid finger into her pu ssy in search of the dotted G-spot. He is very slow in the beginning and slowly as his saliva become dry her juices takes over in a melt of passion for him to be free flowing in both her tender holes of pleasures.
He encircle his tongue on her cl it and also suck with a mint flavor. She is getting ready and excited to explode. He slowly reminds her that now is tme for her to have control on him and he lies with his back on the bed and she moves up with her pus sy clutched on to his mouth with her knees on his sides – wow she loves to do that seeing her boo bs flutter in air as she moves up and down on his mouth as he licks her cun t with his tongue as she rides on him – she sees herself in action on the mirror in front as she tends to crack her *****, with juices flash on his face.
She is nearly tired and moves with her body for him to do the rest. He knows now that speed matters for her. He swings into action with his whole mouth on her pu ssy and his tongue inside her ***** walls. Sucks and licks her cl it well rounded and with his mid finger softened enough to excite her G-spot.
You should watch out what she enjoys most – she lifts and keeps her legs close to his mouth, lifts her body by raising her buttocks, and keeps gyrating and moving her whole body in such a way, Jacob licks spits his saliva in a way it drips into the cavity in her ***** first and slicks down into her *** where his little finger rests and takes slow rhythmic movements. Wow – this is awesome sight for Jacob and Jane is an animal then with a fury of pleasure exciting her body cells, brain cells and the control center that ooze new variety of hormones to make her reach her peak.
She jumps nearly making sounds of “OOoooooooooooohs AAAAahhhhhh” with her lower buttock moving up and down and her boobs swinging and giving her a kind of feeling only Jacob can give his 35 year old fanciful girlfriend.
She reaches her climax and calls our names that include JAacob! And many more that she may even not remember afterwards.
What Jacob does is to keep his mouth and tongue glued to positions as she exploded and leaving his breath on her smooth tender pubic hair that’s above her vulva, She always keeps her wet area smooth and clean for Jacob to enjoy. Slowly the pulsing of the soft inner muscles commence after the explosive orga sm and Jacob counts each time she gets her peak and calls out his name – over all in an average there are more than 23 – 25 pulsating movements within her puss y and Jacob keeps a note and then after a while when she is ready for him to leave her to take rest – he asks “Liked it?”
She was looking at her left palm - as she completed her rhythmic pulsations of her vu lva – and showed me a bruise on her left palm. Her right one was in clutches that of Jacob’s. She in her excitement was rubbing and holding her nails on her palm thus making bruise and a deep cut.
“Jacob – look at this self-inflicted wound I made un-knowingly as I relaxed and released my juices on your mouth! – This means I was out of control on my body and brains!”
You, Jacob – the question itself is irrelevant as long as you are around my pu ssy and this time she clocked the time before and after that lasted 34 minutes of real fun for her and also for him.
On the bed, Jacob enquired about the style and content of John. Jane had this understatement:
“You know he is young - ten years or so younger than me in comparison to nearly thirty or so years that you are more than me”.
But experience counts!
“John also does *********** and he does not know how?”
Jacob asked Jane – “You said that he gives you ******, but then what’s it about so much different?”
“For a woman” Jane said “she knows what’s what as she experience men in different positions and suck and lick modes”.
“This youngster is hard on, not as soft as you are. You are slow and peak slowly creeping all around my me, the body in my ***, pu ssy and G-spot as well at time mounting me on my boobs and giving me sensual kisses on my lips – all that matters to me – The woman in me!
“Will you tell him what I do?” Jacob “so that he does it on you better?”
“Oh no” Jane said “variety is the spice!”

"Youngsters even do not know how to excite G-Spo t"

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