Loosing Him

Now yes i'm only 16 but i will be 17 soon.

I met this guy about two years ago and we both were hooked instantly. A year later he developed cancer and he was always in he hospital but he always wanted to be with me. Then one day i was in there he said sorry. I said what are you sorry for. He said because i don't want to leave you but i think my fighting days are up. I started crying then and he made me look up at him and he said i love you don't ever forget that we will be together but let's hope not for a really long time. Before i go i want you to promise you will find a new guy and you will be the happiest girl in world and you will smile up at the sky whenever you can to show me you are happy. I have to go now i love you. I told him i love you to please please don't go i need you. He said it will be ok bye now i love you. And with that he left me....

Mindi33 Mindi33
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aww i'm sorry hon. he is right, you have a lot to live for, a lifetime of meeting great people...of being something great. you can honor him by living to the fullest. {HUGS}