My Best Friend Turned Lover

I met him freshmen year of high school. He had just moved to Pennsylvania from Tennessee. I didn't pay much attention to him at first. He was a weird kid. Obsessed with Hitler, even combing his hair like the dictator. I talked to him some though since he befriended my crush at the time.

Eventually, he grew out of his weird phase. He was picked on a lot though. Not only was he completely weird his first year there, but he wasn't exactly a jock or anything. He was always heavy and not exactly sporting Hollywood movie star looks. He was very intelligent though and funny, and I was always a sucker for funny.

Was I popular? Nah. I was in that weird middle place I guess. Not picked on and unpopular, I was the kid yelling obscenities at the cheerleaders during pep rallies. Yeah. That was me.

My guy talked to me, and we became friends. We sat by each other in classes we shared and had mutual friends.

I developed a big crush on him end of sophomore year. I went to the jazz band concert and I guess really looked at him for the first time. He was amazing on the sax, musicians have always been a weakness for me. Except, he was a real talented musician, not just some stoner strumming his guitar in his bedroom at home.

I ignored my feelings though, since I was currently dating that stoner guitar strummer, and thought it would work.

I fell in with a different crowd, and for a few years we grew apart. I was off partying all the time with the "druggies" and he was definitely a "band geek" So, we didn't cross paths much anymore. For some reason though, he held a flame for me. He liked me. I didn't notice because I was too stoned to know much of anything back then.

Senior year, I had had enough of my guitar strummer. Being beat, strangled and raped just isn't my idea of love. Weird huh?

So, to get away from my abusive boyfriend I decided to set my sights on my friend. But then, my hopes were crashed.

Walking down the hallway one day to choir practice with a friend of mine who was a freshmen, she confides in me her love for my friend and says he feels the same and they are going to start dating!

You know that part at the end of Star Wars where Darth Vader/ Anakin yells "NNNNOOOOOoooo!!!!" Well, that was what I would have done had it been appropriate.

So, I did the second best thing. I started dating that girl's best guy friend.

So, I dumped the jerk and lived in fear for a few months. I was 18, dating a 15 yr old i wasn't really interested in just to get close to my guy friend again. God, it was sickening watching him be all lovey dovey to that little girl. Yuck. The 15 yr old wouldn't even let me touch him, very religious he was, so whatever. The best times that summer was the moments alone with my friend as we were on our way to pick up the "kids" Our friendship grew stronger as we had to deal with being made fun of for dating freshmen.

End of that summer I went off to college 5 hours away, ended things with the 15 yr old, and decided to let go of my friend since he was going to be hours away at another college and was still dating the little girl. I tried my best to get over it.

Summer after freshmen year of college the little girl broke my friend's heart and left him. I was so excited and happy. He was devastated. I was there for him and we became close friends again.

For a year and a half, I dated some guy I met at college, and did my best to ignore my feelings. Everything. Sophomore year of college, I broke down mentally due to years of hiding abuse and pain that had happened and since then have been struggling to be a stable being.

On one particularly good day though, I instant messaged my friend. I was on a whole "get all of your hidden emotions out" kick. I confessed my love for him and broke down in tears certain he would never talk to me again. Amazing guys like him wouldn't want anything to do with girls like me.

DING DING DING....I was wrong!

My jaw dropped when his reply said "Well, what took you so long?"


I transferred to where he was going to school, flunked out, and now we're living together and very happy. We plan to get married in 2009, after he graduates with his TWO undergraduate degrees. He's insane. I plan to go back to school soon and finish up, but its not my number one priority. 

It took me awhile, but I finally nabbed the man of my dreams. He's the best there is, and he has my heart.

Sorry if my story is a little confusing, my mind is jumping around a bit, but the gist if it is:

Yes, I found the love of my life.
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4 Responses Jan 17, 2008

It's nice that the girl has found the love her life in the person of her guy least they knew each other's stuffs so they surely can get along well...Her honesty about her feelings turned into a positive result.

Amazing. :) My best friend just broke up with someone. And now, he wants to court me. That really sucks. A rebound? >.

this story made me laugh-out-loud at parts in the story - "stoner guitar strummer" and "too stoned to know much of anything back then" and "He was a weird kid. Obsessed with Hitler, even combing his hair like the dictator." and "transferred to where he was going to school, flunked out, and now we're living together and very happy". good story :)

That was an awesome story. Im glad you got what you wanted. You should sell it as a script.