Who Knew?

One day while online I made a new friend with a special woman. We would have an occasional chance conversation from time to time about this, that, and the other.  As each conversation became more and more interesting, so did my desire to learn who this person was.  We shared alot of conversation on IM's and I reached a point that compelled me to call and talk to this woman. It is this single act of compulsion I accredit  the beginning of my relationship to this woman!

As I dialed her number, I remember being very excited to actually talk with this one woman I had been building a friendship with.  When I heard her beautiful, sexy voice for the first time, my heart filled with so much joy I could not contain my excitement.  We laughed and laughed, and we laughed. It was with that very first phone call that I knew someone special was on the line. We talked about very trivial things, yet it was very clear to the both of us that there was definitely some chemistry within.  Many more phone conversations ensued, and each one left my face sore from smiling so much!

It didn't take very long after that for her to confess her romantic feelings for me, and the feeling was mutual. We then made a commitment to each other and from then on we have grown very close. I love her and dream about her as much when I am awake as I do when asleep.

Since then, our love and commitment has reached levels I have not known in my lifetime. We talk every chance we get, not missing a single chance to enjoy each other as we did the first time I dialed her number. She is in my thoughts throughout the day, and I look forward to hearing that same wonderful voice that I heard from the very first "Hello!"

I look forward to my future with this woman, because she truly is, the love of my life.

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3 Responses Feb 10, 2010

Such a sweet story. I hope you are still in love today.

wow ..... good luck

it is beautiful when you can write these words and the person is also your best friend. It sounds like you started with a beautiful friendship and built on that. Again I am very happy for you and apparently EP is as well because your stories keep coming up in my "must reads" list. lol