I Finaly Found Him

I found the man I've been looking for.  He is a US Marine. He is the best thing that's ever happend to me.  We met at the end of November and we've been together since December 1st.  We were supposed to meet at his going away party before he went to Iraq 2 years ago. My mom and his mom are best friends and they hooked us up.  At his going away party he didn't really want to meet me because he was going away for 7 months and didn't want to get things started.  When we finaly did meet, he was supposed to pick me up and ended up getting lost! I thought for for I was getting stood up.  To my surprise he was really psyced about taking me out and he was so pissed off at himself.  His older brother who I had met before came and picked me up. I was pretty upset that Nick (my boyfriend) didn't come and get me, but when I first laid eyes on him I couldn't be upset, because for 1 he was so mad at himself, and for 2 he was so freaking cute. Our first date was a blast!  I fell in love right away.  We've only been together for a little over 2 months.  He is amazing. He says all the right things at the right times.  He is currently stationed at Camp Lejeune in NC. He only comes home every once and a while but when he does we spend every second we can together.  He is set to deploy to Afghanistan in August. I honestly cant wait til he gets out of the military.  Hes already talking about moving in together when he gets out, and trust me I'm all for it!  He is the man ive been waiting a long time to find

ilovemyusmarine ilovemyusmarine
18-21, F
Feb 9, 2009