He's everything to me.

He surrounds my spirit, my soul.

I cannot see him, I cannot touch him.

I can feel him.

I can hear him.

I can smell him.

He loves me.

I love him more.

He came into my life in a strange way. But that's not what I wan to write about this time. I already wrote about that story, but this one is just another recap on everything that he has done for me and how he changed me into a better, stronger person. I will never stop owing him for the happiness that he brought to my life, and that he still shows me every single day, despite the fact that I wronged him horribly. Why does he still love me after how much I hurt him? I don't really know, but he does, and I can tell. I never stopped loving him through all of my mistakes. That was the one thing that always remained constant. I never stopped counting our anniversaries even when we weren't technically together, and I've come to realize only just recently, that my relationship with him has been the longest-standing relationship I have ever had. Five months was my previous record, and three days ago, we celebrated our seven month anniversary. I so should have done something special for our half-a-year anniversary, but like I said, I cannot see him. We're trapped in a Romeo & Juliet fantasy, and it's not as simple as the story seems when you read it in English class. But where Romeo and Juliet gave up on life because they could not be together, he and I fight for the future that we know is only two years away on a nearby horizon. We can go the distance together to reach the happily ever after that was always set in the stars. I've never loved anyone like this before, though I know I said that before. Only I know the difference, and the others around me can shake their heads and say I'm silly and naive. But you know what? I want to be silly with him. I want to be naive with him. I want to be crazy, in love that is, with him. Forever and ever and ever and ever, and I'll be damned if that doesn't come true. I will never love another the way that I love him. Never. So here's to our seven month anniversary, and the lifetime of anniversaries to come.

Happy Anniversary, Davie. I Love You.
emfire911 emfire911
18-21, F
May 18, 2012