The Ringing Cedars Of Russia

Has anyone ever read these books "The Ringing Cedars Of Russia" ?? written by a man named Vladimir Megre.

They are pretty amazing! There is a message written and encoded within the words for the world. This true story is about a woman called Anastasia a recluse who live out in a forest in Siberia. Her parents died when she was a child and she was brought up by her grandfather and great grandfather. She talks about how special the Cedar trees are and how beneficial they are to our health. She has amazing insights on how the world works. She does not live in a house, she knows how to live from the land and is in tune with nature. The animals in the forest are her friends and she can communicate with them. She has remote viewing abilities and clairvoyance very much intact.

Reading these books has changed me somehow,  her story has made me realise that anyone can have these abilities and insights as she does and also live the way she does. I recommend everyone read these books if you feel so called to do so. They are special and for humanity.
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1 Response Jul 30, 2010

i started reading them about a month ago, im on the 3rd book right now and i have to admit that it really did change my points of view, it changed me actually in general and im really grateful i came across them :) did you read all the books so far?