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I Have A Few :-)

1. Time Traveler's Wife - best time traveling writing ever.
2. The Eyre Affair (et al from Jasper Fforde) - if you love books & literary references
3. Kushiel Saga by Jacqueline Carey - awesome religious concepts, well written
4. A Year In Lapland by Hugh Beach - wonderful description of the Lapps in Sweden - Now I want to follow the reindeer.
5. The Book of Five Rings by Myamoto Musashi - wonderful 1st hand account on a extraordinary samurai.
6. Patrick O'Brian's Master & Commander series - best sea yarn bar none - I've read 'em all.
6. Krakatoa by Simon Winchester - Amazing account of the volcanic eruption that became an International story before TV/radio.
PrairieDog71 PrairieDog71 41-45, M Jun 13, 2012

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