Discovered That My Problem Has An Official Name "sexless Marriage"

After almost a decade, I woke up from a deep slumber. I was shocked to find myself in a marriage that was beyond repair. I was even shocked it had an official name....Sexless Marriage. We had other serious problems but the bulk of it stemmed from lack of intimacy, trust which brought on our sexless marriage. I had googled troubled marriages and the link for the Sexless Marriage group for EP came up. I spent countless of hours reading up on it. It's as if I was cramming for a test. I couldn't get enough. One story after another. The stories brought tears while some brought me laughter. For once, I didn't feel alone. Someone else out there understood the pain and the loneliness. I swear a lot of the posts that I read could have been written by me or by my EX.

In real life I couldn't be more blessed to have the best friends anyone can ask for. But meeting and making friends on EP gave me the strenght and courage to cope during a dark period in my life. I had my first online affair on EP. I've learned that I don't like them nor do I want to believe in them. I've made a few friends on EP that I now consider my lifelong friends in real life. Other friends have come and go. This is difficult for me as I invest a lot of myself to my friends and I'm not use to having "disposable" friends. But it's online and to some it doesn't have as much value as it does to me.

RIght now, I'm enjoying my time here. I have met one EP friend in person. If the situation presents itself, I would definitely make an effort to meet more. I don't know if I intend to stay indifinitely like I see some people have. But my real friends have no worries as they know I couldn't live without them and that they will always be with me in whatever platform I happen to be at.

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Jul 10, 2010