Looking For Marriage Help....

I was searching to find a place to openly talk about stuff in my marriage. Then I came across this site.
notsohot notsohot
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4 Responses Jul 22, 2010

hi i also found this site by accident but i am great at listening so if you want to talk i am around?

No worries, just saying. You can read all day and night and find so much and so many relating to you .... I love it here, but in order to help with 2 cents (smile) a little more would help. You can create friends that relate to you, or appeal to you and gain a whole new family ! :) or just someone to listen.

Thanks for the comment. I haven't been here long (just signed up yestureday) but if you look at my page and seen what have wrote you will see that I have wrote more than one line. But as for here that all I had to say about finding this site on accident.

Hello, welcome to the wonderful world of EP -- but if you're gonna write a story, write a story -- these one line sentences don't say much ... we share the real deal here, we help, we care, we have the same stuff, or so close you can touch it, we get on your side, or not.... but a story, is a story ...and it truly helps here ... :)