Happy I Did

I was on Google looking for information on pansexuality for a research and I fell on a wonderful text someone wrote on this site. I then started looking at other experience and I instantly inscribe myself. I am so shy in my everyday life, but here I can talk about anything without being judged and even get some advice from people who really what to help.
amarilys amarilys
18-21, F
1 Response Aug 10, 2010

Hi Amarilys, Those are my exact sentiments. I stumbled on this site 3 days ago, and have probably spent 15 hours reading experiences, and posting replies like this one. You'll be very surprised at what's written here. Very upfront, and honest which is what I like about the forum. I've been on a few other similar types of forums, but none compare to this one, in terms of number of users, frequency of blogs. I could go. Enjoy. ;)