Can We Please Respect Everyone On This Site ?

I feel so lucky I have found has given me the chance to express myself freely and without discrimination. However, as I read and answer some of the questions on here some of the answers people give frustrate me a bit. The most frustrating answer is "this is not a dating site" and I totally get that but who is anyone to tell anyone else on this site what they can and cannot do here. This is an open forum for a lot of different topics and just because you are not here for dating some of us end up finding love here !! So please lets all respect one another and not tell other people why they should be here !!!!
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I didn't come on here to find "Love" or for a Date but I have been approached by a young Lady who want to be known as my "girlfriend" I have, of course accepted her proposal despite the fact that she knows I am married. In the "old days" she would probably have had a special "pen pal" and I think I am playing that part for her. She doesn't appear to be lonely, she talks about her friends. I think I am just being used as her current fad, but as I am sitting here doing nothing I don't mind trying to keep her happy.

I agree!

I totally agree with you on this !

i agree!! however im disappointed at the first place,because,im new,and inspite of sharion 2stories,i have no response frm any1.dont know whom to spk to,where to go whom to speak.anyways,im replying becausei absolutely understand and agree with ur concern in regards with comments. cheers!!

absolutely , here everyone has a free will to express their feeeling's

oh that is frustrating! How annoying for people to remind the obvious. Nothing wrong with getting to know people anyway

We are all here for many different and varied reasons. We don't have to agree with or like all experiences on EP but we should not be critical or hurtful to others. If I don't like a certain experience I stay away from, I did not join EP to judge others or be judged. I like other men and women but if someone asks to be my friend and they look like they are 14 yo in their pic I just block them. I'm not into minors. My friends here are gay, bi, lesbian, str8 and TG (probably more lol) and I consider them all my friends. Granted I chat with many of them and have cybersex with many of them but that is something I enjoy, if you are here to be rude then you should be banned from EP. Like the rest of us Michelle is here for her own reasons not yours and should be treated with respect!

Hear, hear. Very well put.

I agree, live and let live. Some people just have to interfere, just ignore them.

Thing is, just because some people do not use EP for dating does not mean that it cannot be a dating site. <br />
<br />
It's all respect, really. We're all here for different reasons. Some folks are looking for love. Some are looking for lust. Some are just trying to rebuild after being hurt. <br />
<br />
Someone who is willing to be a real friend will be honest...but gentle about it.

Michelle, you know I'm here for you, right?<br />
I'm sorry you and Palecowboy have met the bad apples, but I they're all at the bottom of the barrel anyway. Come join the shiniest apples at the top, it's way nicer, forget about them. After all, rotten fruit is just food for flies, just like the other stuff is. LOL Love ya!

I agree, everyone has their own motives for being on this site so please don't be bullied away. I guess the fact is that people just are not open to acceptance of everyone no matter why they are here. There is a reason why this site is called "EXPERIENCE PROJECT" and I don't think it is called that by accident....this site is what you need it to be to you......not just what others feel it is for !! Thank you Palecowboy and welcome to EP !!!!!