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i found this site by accident also. i recently went to my first councelors appointment the doc temporarily diagnosed me with ptsd, massive deppresion, and anxiety so i typed massive depression in to the search engine. im having a hard time dealing with the fact i need help dealing with everything! i always thought of myself as a very leveled headed person who had tough times but never as someone who had real depression, i almost prided myself on how ive handled the unhealthy past ive had, now im scared and i feel very seems like after having my baby girl ive lost the balance i thought i had. i want to be so much for her that those problems i thought i had all figured out and the feelings that go with them just popped out of my sycological closet. i hope this site can help me with aleast voicing the issues im dealing with. i guess anyones insite on the site would help. im not that computer savey and i also have a two year old at my heals most of the day so not alot of time to browse. a point in the right direction would be awesome.
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1 Response Sep 29, 2010

You are not alone here. A number of us have suffered with depression. If you need to vent to someone I will be glad to listen (read) what you have to say. Glad you found your way here.