I Can´t Remember...

WOW... I have been on here for three years now! 
It´s very long time, if you ask me! :) 

I have no idea, how I found this webpage, but I love it 
It´s like my second home online. 
There I can "hang out" and be mellow with friends.
Like one big happy family. 

Anyways... I think it was like an advertisements online and it was like new and different at that time. 
I had no idea, what is was about, but I went on there and signed up. 
After that, a new world opened up for me and I were a part of a small "online" community. 
A place, where I would call home and not feel embarrassed of my past mistakes. 
Where we all had things in common and wanted to share. 

I love this place and I love the openness, which has brought us all together.
Together we can make this to the greatest and wonderful place on the internet.

 Take care and thanks for sharing your experiences and stories. 

- Marin.

FaroesePearl FaroesePearl
31-35, F
Nov 19, 2011