Finally Found Something Worth Keeping

Since most social networking sites are blocked here in our office (I'm an intern in a travel agency), I searched for "friendship sites". I tried to join forums and all but I noticed that the members are not so active. I want an updated site. When I first saw EP, I thought it would just be about education, formality, etc. I made an account and found out that there are lots of experiences to share and to relate on. Plus, people post questions, confessions, and stories almost every minute. At first, I'm afraid what if I can't get along along with foreigners, but luckily I did. Some are truly nice. I am also addicted to this, undeniably. One of the best things happened to me in 2011 will surely go on with this as long as I want to.

Now, I believe that everything has a purpose and God gave things in the right time. :)
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I found this website by an accident surfing online, and I can share my personal experience and learn from others.

Hell yeah this kol

I agree with you. I felt the same way about this site. I thought I was going to loose it and drive off a bridge on the way to work one day. Thankfully I found this site. I don't have a lot of local friends so it was great and the timing was impeccable.<br />
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Glad you are now among 'friends' :)<br />
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God bless you!

God bless you, too. thanks! :)

Do you understand what I mean about letting more people in EP?I know fame is a bad thing in some cases but if you found yourself liking this site,imagine if we could build a true place for everyone to be!!Fame just might not be so bad for a place that can handle it!!Good to see you as there are many here you will find and respect and who will respect you back.Of course there will be those who you will find repulsive but hey,it's a big world so expect it as you can choose to flag or ignore it!!CHEERS!!!

yes i AGREE !

I'm glad you joined, your questions crack me up and you aren't BORING!

wow. thanks! A big thank you to you, too. You made me feel so welcome on my first day here. :)

Others should adopt your positive attitude, I cant stand the meanness I see on here

awwww. *hugs*