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Hello everyone. To put it simply, i've been selfish. I think about myself instead of thinking about others. But, im trying to change. From now on, I want to forget about my problems, and help others with theres. No problem is to big or to small for me. I will help ANYONE with ANY possible problems they may have. So please, if you have a problem, do not hesitate to contact me. I will help anyone of any age, any shape, and any color. So please, if you have a problem, leave me a message or a comment on this story, and I will get back to you within 24 hours. Im trying to fix my mistakes and help others with theres. Thank you everyone and please contact me. I would appreciate any form of contact with your problems. Help me make the world a happier place, one problem at a time.
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Thats great!I mean thats certainly a good decision..and God helps those who help others and even themselves,because if they just give up on themselves and just wait for God to help them are unwise because help only comes when summoned in the right way,and the right way is to try and help yourself..Thanks for making this decision because im sure there are a surprising amount of people whom you may be able to help out.<br />
;)<br />
Good luck

The fact of the matter is you're already beginning the process of turning a new leaf. Once you weed out all the bugs to bring out who you're meant to be, you'll be better off walking a path you're capable of than a path you'd regret.

You're welcome, ma'am. If you do decide that you might want me to try to help you, just send me a message. Anything we talk about is strictly between you and me. The least I could do is give you my best advice.

That's a noble intention. Not many people have the guts to face up to their mistakes, let alone actually try to make up for them. I just don't know how to summarize my problems...or even pick just one, for that matter. But it's still refreshing to know that people can change. So...thanks.