No Idea

This may sound weird but i have no idea how I stumbled upon this site. Im thinking maybe I followed a link on Facebook or some other site. But to me that does not matter as now i'm here. I have the intention of staying. Sometimes in life you find things you were never looking for but in someway they make your life more colorful may be this is one of those things. Who Knows???
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1 Response Nov 9, 2012

Junkangel--I do not believe in mere accidents or coincidence. I believe our souls--even unbeknownst to our conscious selves--make calls out to the Universe for different experiences, and the Universe responds by sending us things--or people--we didn't know were meant to be in our lives. And the more of an impact a person, place, event or object has on our lives--especially for the positive--the more significant it is those things appeared. This is simply my personal experience. "Everything happens for a reason" is not just a pat little phrase. It is very, very real.